• Status: In Production
  • Role: Lead Programmer and AI Programmer
  • Team: Desert Beagle
Malediction is a third-person puzzle platformer with a set of novel time mechanics. This game is activley in production, so this section will be updated regularly.
About my role on Malediction:
  • Oversee a team of 3 programmers
  • Ensure interoperability of code between programmers
  • Define high-level architectural goals for the technical aspects of the game
Things I worked on so far:
  • AI System for basic enemies
  • AI System for boss enemies

Project Alpha (Working Title)

  • Status: Prototype (Shelved)
  • Role: Programmer and Game Designer
  • Team: Personal Project
Project Alpha is a third-person dungeon crawler in a cyberpunk setting.
I worked on this game for a few reasons, to:
  1. Teach myself about game AI in a practical way
  2. Familiarize myself with the Unreal Engine
  3. Refresh my knowledge of C++
Things I worked on:
  • Basic AI System
  • Health and Attack Systems
The game was shelved at the end of August 2016.


Status: Shipped

Role: Programmer

Team: Salty Hamster Games
Frankenship is a top-down space shooter in which players fight to the death with dilapidated spaceships made by their opponent. Players collect the parts for their ship, then build their opponent's ship, then battle to the death. The last ship remaining is the winner.
About my role on Frankenship:
  • Managed Git repository for the team
  • Helped implement the design of the game
Systems I Implemented or Wrote:
  • Input wrapper for the Unity Input Manager that allows for use of controllers and mouse and keyboard with consistent variable names
  • Health/damage system for the ships
  • Camera zoom based on distance between ships
  • Return improperly placed ship parts to their spawn point
  • Main menu and the pause menu

Escape the Darkness

Status: Prototype

Role: Programmer

Team: Academic Class Project

Escape the Darkness is a 2D platformer in which a player is trying to collect flowers to save Mother Earth. The player climbs out of a pit in which they must dodge obstacles to escape.